Cloud solution

  • Cloud Hosting lets you to arrange on-demand computing instances
    running open source operating systems in just a few minutes.

  • Cloud Computing is the proven reliable
    and cost effective method to improve efficiency
    with no additional servers.

    Cloud Hosting, Storage and Load Balancing

    Cloud Hosting allows quickly to enter into action on-demand computing infrastructure increasing client system productivity without any additional equipment and other costs. This is a secure and economical way of your service improvement.

    Cloud Hosting units are provided with 2.4GHz+ processor, a variety of operating systems, supplemented with image library of different patterns and possibility to send images if there is such a need.

    Virtual machines are available through the Visualization platform that is provided in addition to each server. SwissHosters gives its customers a chance to select an operating system (Windows, Linux or BSD) and provides virtual machines with scalability necessary for client software.

    Greater system flexibility can be achieved due to the purchase of system resources, not virtual machines which you can buy in an unlimited number at any time if you have purchased appropriate system resources.
    Why go Cloud?
    Full Server Control
    Elastic Performance
    Pay As You Go
    Self-healing Storage
    Xen Hypervisor
    Console Access
    Rapid Deployment
    Multiple OS supported
    64-bit architecture

    Free in-house bandwidth
    10 gbit/s LAN port
    Multi-homed connection
    Fully Redundant
    99.9% Uptime SLA

    The stability and productivity of our server architecture is based on Intel © Xeon © processor platform that provides the best quality at a reasonable price.

    Our Cloud Hosting and SAN Storage rest on 10GE Arista © switches, which are characterized by sub-500 nanosecond waiting time and are the best solutions for financial trading.

    A10 Networks © hardware load-balance solutions are notable for their high productivity, extraordinary expedition, recognition and visibility to network activities.

    Coraid © Virtualized highly efficient SAN Storage is understandable, enabling enhancement, unfailing solution for virtualization.

    The most significant advantages of Cloud Hosting

    Quick delivery
    It takes less than five minutes to provide a customer with purchased System Resources and the process of Cloud Server building is not less fast.

    Redundancy is secured
    Data loss or downtime caused by hardware failure is impossible because all Cloud units are simultaneously sustained by a number of physical servers and data storage.

    Hybrid Environments
    Dedicated network allows integration of private and virtualized systems.

    Cost-effective solution
    No need to pay for capacity you don’t use.

    Intel © Xeon © Processors, 10G Network Connection and Clustered SAN Storage provide extreme performance of your Cloud Server.

    Built-in DDoS Protection
    Free DDoS Protection up to 10 Gbit/s is included with each Virtual Machine. Capable to defer almost all TCP and UDP based attacks with no effect on legit traffic.
      KVM over IP
    Rapid access to KVM via IP access to Cloud Nodes.

    Update available
    You can start with a smaller and develop as necessary.

    Image Library
    For fast supplement and easy management we offer more than two hundreds Operation System templates.

    Control Panel & Self-Service
    You can easily control each component of your Cloud system by a few clicks.

    Automated Recovery
    You need not to be afraid of physical environment malfunction as every Cloud Node can be automatically restored.

    Cloud Server management by the use of iPhone or Android
    Special applications allow you always to keep your Cloud under control while being mobile.

    Select System Resource configuration

    Every system resource configuration is intended for one or more virtual machines but number of virtual machines has not to exceed the number of central processing units. Thus minimum one CPU is intended for every virtual machine.

    Name CPU CORES RAM Storage Bandwidth Price per month
    2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
    Intel Xeon
    1 2048 MB 20 GB 1 TB
    10 Gbit/s
    99.30 CHF
    111.33 USD
    103.67 EUR
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    2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
    Intel Xeon
    1 4096 MB 60 GB 1 TB
    10 Gbit/s
    179.70 CHF
    201.47 USD
    187.61 EUR
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    2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
    Intel Xeon
    2 4096 MB 100 GB 1 TB
    10 Gbit/s
    223.30 CHF
    250.35 USD
    233.13 EUR
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    2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
    Intel Xeon
    4 8192 MB 160 GB 1 TB
    10 Gbit/s
    404.30 CHF
    453.27 USD
    422.09 EUR
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    2.4 - 3.0 Ghz
    Intel Xeon
    8 14336 MB 320 GB 1 TB
    10 Gbit/s
    739.50 CHF
    829.07 USD
    772.04 EUR
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    Prices for upgrades, software add-ons and additional services (per month):

    CPU Hardware & Bandwidth & IP
    1 Ghz vCPU cores 16.80 CHF   18.83 USD   17.54 EUR   per additional core 


    Physical servers operate on the basis of Intel © Xeon ® processor. Cloud units are linked to 10 Gigabit network via multi-path and redundant technologies to guarantee 99.9% of uninterrupted working time.


    Hardware Based Virtualization is carried out with the help of Xen Hypervisor. This Hypervisor is characterized by the highest safety and incredible speed. Xen software is recommended for integration and management of both physical and virtual servers.
    Grounds for Cloud Scalability usage. It is not necessary to rent new equipment to meet server load growth.

    Causes for using Cloud

    Cloud computing represents an opportunity to enlarge clients’ system in accordance to their requirements without purchase or lease additional servers.

    Control over System Resources

    You have an opportunity to use system resources for operating one or several virtual machines according to your needs.

    Data Protection and Uptime

    Cloud Hosting is well-balanced, self-renewing virtual system that ensures load balancing, a wide choice of operating systems, uninterrupted functioning and the possibility of resource improvement.

    Network Protection

    DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated and their number has significantly grown that is an obvious threat to business over the Internet. Server defense by means of up to 10 Gbit/s DDoS protection guarantees uninterrupted work of customers’ resources without any additional fee. Your resource will always be available for your customers regardless of the competitors’ aspirations.

    Cloud Storage (supported by Content Delivery Network)

    Content Delivery Network is several interconnected servers in different units of which copies of the data are stored. Such storage provides quick end-users access to a web resource regardless of their location. Besides this technology reduces server load and bandwidth.
    The storage of your data may be provided by different servers in different parts of the world. However when a user makes a request, a router forwards it to the server, which in this case can faster process it. Further geographically similar requests will be routed to the same server that reduces the response time and server load because of change in end-to-end Internet rule.

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