Secure business guarantee

Fulfillment of the undertaken obligations is the basis of SwissHosters policy, without which it is impossible to achieve success in the conditions of the modern market.

Specializing in network security we ensure our clients full-scale protection of their web resources. Our infrastructure is designed to provide the uninterrupted network operation of 99, 9% of the total time. DDoS protection can be activated at any time against any kind of attack. Our specialists provide for every eventuality to ensure reliable operation of the customers’ online business.

Close cooperation with customers is our top priority task and thus we always promptly and professionally respond to all our customers’ requests, comments and suggestions including, of course, quick technical problems solving. SwissHosters provides its clients with first-class service.

The company also ensures that all the equipment and technical solutions completely comply with the order terms and the customers’ needs.
Do not doubt that the access to your equipment at our data center is strictly controlled by a round-the-clock surveillance system and well-trained security personnel ensuring its complete security. Besides we use double power network connection and UPS supported by diesel generator.

The company activity complies with the laws of Switzerland including normative legal acts concerning privacy and data protection. SwissHosters does everything possible within the law to protect its customers’ privateness and information.
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Secure business guarantee
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