In its work on development of advanced IT infrastructures, SwissHosters is guided by a number of fundamental principles among which we would like to mark out the following:

  • Carrier Grade Equipment has to be used
  • To constantly verify the software throughout the process of its development
  • Every Dedicated Server and Virtual Machine is supplemented with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface and K virtual machine for control at BIOS-level
  • Development of solutions with the requirements of Load Balancing and High-Availability
  • Redundant hardware represented by Storage area network, Switching hubs, Routers and Virtual machine managers
  • Round-the-clock tracking of network attacks and full readiness to protect the network from them
  • Guarantee of high-speed connection to the whole of our infrastructure, including all the clients’ equipment: for copper connections - 1 gbit/s and for optical connections - 10gbit/s
  • Every piece of equipment is linked to the network core
  • Close interaction with several Premium Upstream providers with the aim to create redundant Multi-Homed network.
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